At the third meeting of THE ART OF PROTEST (BEGINNERS) we concern ourselves with the means of costume.

As an expert we host an activist from IGL21, a group that used costume in their actions in the early 2000s, e.g. in squatting houses and in a protest through the Bahnhofsviertel. We talk about the experiences connected to the use of costume and what effects were created by it.

Jonathan gives a short input on approaches to costume from an artistic perspective (body/material/image) and we do short exercises on each of the approaches.

As we talk about our protest experiences in the last month, a discussion emerges about how to deal with disappointment.

In the afternoon we work on existing projects or start new ones. Among others these are:

Trans Day of Remeberance – ASJA, Flo, Julia, Jonathan

Flügel – Anne

Puppen – Hakan / Nora und Clara

What is my name? – Jordan, Mai, Delphina

Nature Riot – Grit