On 23.11.22 we carry out a small action, which a group of us has organized, and invite our friends to join. About 15 people come together on the evening of the 23rd at Willy-Brandt-Platz.

We stand in a circle around a chain of lights and speak as a human mic (a practice that we learned and tested in the session on voice). The text we speak is written by Jonathan and Julia:

„In einer Gesellschaft, die trans* Menschen keinen Platz machen will – keinen Platz in der Sprache, in Umkleidekabinen, in amtlichen Dokumenten, in Frauenhäusern, in öffenltichen Toiletten, auf Plätzen und auf der Straße… – wie können wir so tun, als hätte diese strukturelle Diskriminierung keinen Zusammenhang damit, dass in Deutschland und auf der ganzen Welt trans* Menschen umgebracht werden, ausgelöscht, weil sie es wagen, Raum einzunehmen, sich Platz zu schaffen, um zu sein wer sie sind.

Being trans is not only about a right to privacy; it is about the freedom to be public, to just be who we are. It means everyday fighting oppression; transphobia, homophobia, racism, sexism, misogyny,and our own self-hatred. A self-hatred, that was placed within us by a society that wants to wipe us off the face of the world.

We must fight for trans lives. Let’s make every space a trans friendly place. Every street a place of respect and care – communities, cities, landscapes where everyone can be safe and free and more.“

Then we have a minute of silence.

We speak it twice in different places and different lineups

At the last session (costume) we started to sew scarves that we wear around our shoulders (black, with Trans Pride colors on the side and inscription “FIGHT FOR TRANS LIVES”)