mini-residency program

„Come As You Are“ invites Disabled and Chronically Ill artists to provide insight into their existing artistic practices. The starting point is the question of what an accessible and enjoyable process would look like for the invited artists. What do working rhythms, communication modes, choreographies and rehearsal spaces have to look like in order to escape ableist norms? Which big and small access-needs and deviations from ableist conventions and norms are necessary to fulfill the claim „Come As You Are“?

Invited artists:
Angela Alves

Angela Alves lives as a freelance choreographer in Berlin and identifies as Arip Artist. Her artistic practice focuses on political dimensions of the unavailable body and explores its transformative potency.

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Rita Mazza

Rita Mazza (they/she) is a freelance artist working as an artistic director and performer in visual sign performances. Rita was the artistic director of Festival del Silenzio, an international performing arts event focused on sign language and deaf arts. now Rita collaborates with Theaterformen Festival as curator for Deaf art. Rita is a native signer – they ‘speak’ in Italian Sign Language, and they are fluent as well in German (dgs), French (lsf) and International Sign.

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Dennis Seidel

arbeitet seit 2003 bei Meine Damen und Herren.
productions: Vier Jahreszeiten (2003), Idyllen (2005), Dideldum (Wilhelm Busch, 2006 bis 2007), X- Labore (2007),Traumgedusel (2008), SEX- Alle Lust will Ewigkeit (2009), Peter und der Wolf feat. Marc Ribot (2012), Die Geschichte vom Fuchs, der den Verstand verlor (2013), SCHWARZWEISS (2013), Gans der Bär (2015), Jetzt bestimme ich (2017), Katastrophenstimmung (Regie: Schorsch Kamerun, Deutsches Schauspielhaus Hamburg 2017), Zehn Meter in den wilden Westen (2019), Tanz in der DDR: Was bleibt -Sasa Asentic & Collaboratos (2019), DIE STADT BIN ICH (2020), DER BALL (2022), Generation One (Junges SchauspielHaus Hamburg 2022)

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At the end of a one-week mini-residency, a glimpse of the work will be presented via the IMPLANTIEREN homepage
to allow the public to experience the thoughts, ideas and designs. The format of the publication will be decided by the artists, IMPLANTIEREN will be responsible for transcription, translation into sign language / easy language or similar.

The results can be viewed online. There is an audio description and a description in plain language of all three residency results, which can be found on the artists’ pages (linked in the text above).

Rita Mazza has created a video that uses Italian Sign Language (LSI).

Designed and curated by a team of Disabled, non-disabled and Chronically Ill people: Alina Buschmann (inclusion and anti-discrimination consultant, activist), Dr. Yvonne Schmidt (lecturer at ZHdK Zürich and head of the SNF-research project «Ästhetiken des Im/Mobilen», HKB Bern), Steffi Tauber (musician & theatre maker), Chiara Marcassa and Nora Schneider (artistic co-directors IMPLANTIEREN 2022/23).

Come As You Are is an &FRIENDS GASTSPIEL, realized in the framework of FESTIVALFRIENDS and made by the programme „Verbindungen Fördern“ by Bundesverband Freie Darstellende Künste with means of Beauftragte der Bundesregierung für Kultur und Medien.