practice solidarity with migrants and refugees

Connecting the Struggles is a laboratory on sharing practices of political action to fight the vicious cycle of homelessness, unemployment and deportation. We are coming together as political activists with different backgrounds to learn from each other, to create an archive and to ideally build up cross-regional solidarity structures.

Many of us are organizing accommodation and offer social support, many fight for a self-organized center for so-called migrants and refugees. All of us have developed varied practices and strategies from our local experiences of everyday struggles and structural obstacles.

Based in Frankfurt, we as Project.Shelter want to connect with likeminded groups like Schlafplatzorga Berlin or Housing For All Hamburg and more. Through connecting these struggles we aim at joining forces to achieve our goals.

A collaboration of Project.Shelter (Frankfurt am Main) and Schlafplatzorga/Sleepingplace Orga (Berlin), Housing For All Hamburg (Hamburg)


Connecting the Struggles is an initiative for (of) people who are participating in the political activist work or who need support. Project.Shelter also meet regularly to cook and hang out together at their monthly KüFA (Kitchen for All). Further events for a broader group of people will be published online.

You want to get to know Project.Shelter or Connecting the Struggles? Come to one of the KüFa-Meetings.

You want to get active and join the political work? You need support or know someone who needs support? Please write an email:


Varies. Leaving and spontaneous breaks are possible at any time


Many languages. Spontaneous translation and slow understanding are possible.


Mainly eating and speaking together. No change of location. Participation with learning disabilities is possible. Accompanying persons, children and animals are welcome.


The group deals with the effects of structural racism, especially in the context of housing and job search, migration and refugee experiences. However, some practices, such as cooking together, focus mostly on being together.


Medical masks are mandatory indoors. During more intimate meetings, masks will be optional by mutual agreement when tested.

Project.Shelter (Frankfurt am Main), Schlafplatzorga/Sleepingplace Orga (Berlin) and Housing For All Hamburg

Connecting the Struggles takes place as &FRIENDS LABOR and is realized in the frame of FESTIVALFRIENDS. FESTIVALFRIENDS is funded by the Beauftragte der Bundesregierung für Kultur und Medien within the framework of the programme „Verbindungen fördern“ of Bundesverband Freie Darstellende Künste e.V..