Jamsessions for FLINTA*s

The Femjam is a jam session for FLINTA* (women, lesbians, intersex people, non-binary people, trans people, agender people and everyone who identifies outside of these labels). We want to create a safer space, where we can explore musical approaches without any audience and any preconditions. In this way we intend to create access to music and musical expression for all who did not have this privilege before.

The Femjam is also a space for skill-sharing, getting to know each other and experimenting with instruments and writing. Be welcome and join – if you like. With or without an instrument, singing or listening, just as you feel.

Anyone who positions themselves as FLINTA* can participate. We include trans men. Especially suitable for people who feel like jamming in a space far away from cis men. There is no pressure to perform. Just be there and join in if you feel like it. You don‘t need any previous experience.

FOR INQUIRIES: @fem.jam (Instagram)


Between one and three hours. Spontaneous breaks are possible at any time.


Spoken German and English. Language comprehension is not crucial.


Making music with various instruments and voice. No special use of computers, and technology is necessary. Participation with so-called learning disabilities is possible. Visual ability is not a requirement. Based on auditory perception it is not accessible to Deaf people and not easily accessible to Hearing Impaired people. We try to create access. Contact us. (FLINTA*-)Companions, children and companion animals may be brought. For accessibility of the festival Center see HERE


There is no mask requirement, but a mask and test recommendation. Updates according to the pandemic situation and local guidelines.

Initiiated by: Rabab Flaga, Alissa Jäger, Eva Wick and others

In cooperation with: Frauen Musik Büro e.V., ourgeneration e.V. und LSKH Queeres Kulturhaus.

Curated via the Open Call.

Produced by IMPLANTIEREN 2022/23.