Peer-to-peer support for refugee Ukrainian artists

In the frame of “Implantieren” festival we are aiming to support Ukrainian artists arranging their life and artistic practice in Germany. Struggling with bureaucracy, searching for connections and fundings are always uneasy tasks, all the more for someone in refuge.

We offer peer-to-peer support sessions to recognise the needs, find resources and form the plan. We also promote exchange and cooperation by arranging a self-help group for participants of support sessions.

To get help, please contact

The support-group is organized by students of the Justus-Liebig-University Gießen: Ukrainian artist Olen Mamai (has experience of translating for Ukrainian refugees in different German institutions) and Belarusian artist Hanna Launikovich (left Belarus for political reasons after 2020).
Graphik: Ulyana Dybkalyuk Insta: @just.me_salmon

Curated by the festival team

Supportet by IMPLANTIEREN 2022/23