Dance Body Self-Efficacy – Workshop Series for Women

We are LA MOVE – in motion. Do you want to discover yourself in dance, learn something new about yourself and share your life experiences with others?

LA MOVE is a practice of dancing, moving, listening, storytelling and creating together. We will explore individual body knowledge and share body stories to learn with and from each other.

Each month we will focus on a different body theme and explore it anatomically, through dance, biographically, by drawing
and modeling.

18.09.2022 – Body Shapes

Our feet are the focus of the first workshop. We will explore walking as well as standing and will look at how our feet carry us through life.

16.10.2022 – Body center

In the second workshop, we turn to our belly and pelvis. Connected to this are topics such as menstruation, childbirth or losing and gaining weight. Sensitively and in a caring way, we explore how our center moves us.

20.11.2022 – Sensory Body

In a variety of ways we will explore our sense of touch and focus on feeling. We will turn our awareness inward and become interested in what we see when we close our eyes.

11.12.2022 – Body Stretching

In the fourth workshop, we would like to spread our bodies generously through space and explore the question of how we can create, take and give space. In doing so, we will use breathing to expand the body.

15.01.2023 – Pleasure Body

In the last workshop we celebrate our desiring and lustful body and dance ourselves energetically into ecstasy. We empower ourselves and empower each other.

11.02.2023 – Body Celebration

The final big LA MOVE party! How to connect our moving bodies in a rapturous dance. Sparkle!



Initiated by: Mareike Buchmann & Lena Kunz

For Whom?

LA MOVE is for women of all ages who have a desire and interest in a moving and creative process. No dance experience is necessary for participation.


The workshops build on each other, but it is also possible to participate in individual dates. Due to space limitations, registration is requested.


The practice is fully booked


Four hours with break. Spontaneous breaks are possible at any time.


Spoken German. Slow communication is possible.


Speaking and listening, standing, sitting, and lying down movement at a slow to moderate pace. Suspension and individual adaptation are possible. Participation with so-called learning disabilities is possible. Participation of visually impaired people is possible on specific dates. Please ask for dates via Email. (Human) Companions can be brought along.

The practice is based on “Consciousness Raising” from the 1970s, in which individual (body-) experiences can be exchanged in the group. Different types of (structural) violence might be addressed.


The room is located on the second floor. No elevator. Toilet on the same floor.


Test obligation for participation in LA MOVE. There is no mask obligation.

Initiated by: Mareike Buchmann & Lena Kunz
Concept and designed by: PINK & BLAU | Mareike Buchmann & Lena Kunz

Initiated by the festivalteam.

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