Did you change your name? Share your trans-experience

Have you changed your name? Then you may know how significant your name can be. Choosing your own name is a powerful self-expression act that communicates your identity to the outside world.

Saisei (再生) is a project to reflect on your naming experience, especially the one at your gender transition. When did you find your name? Why did you choose this name? What did you expect from it, and how do you experience it now?

Saisei generates sounds and images from your name. During the session, we exchange our naming experiences in a safe space. The immersive sound and images create a room for reflection. You can also communicate with Saisei with your voice and appearance – I‘m going to prepare many voice effects.

Let’s have fun.

by Mai Ishijima (they/no pronoun) and the participants

If you have changed your name or plan to do so, register yourself for a session through the registration form.
(Or talk to me per email: saisei.vol.2@gmail.com)



About 3–4 hours with breaks. Spontaneous breaks are possible. The session can be planned a long time ahead.


Spoken English, Japanese, written German. Slow understanding is no problem. For video or audio recordings: Any language is possible.


A interpreter is available by arrangement.


As part of a session, you are asked to type your name into a computer program to generate sound. If you want, you can add your voice to it and appear in the video. No change of location. Participation with so called learning disabilities is possible. Human and animal companions as well as children are welcome.

The venue can be chosen according to your needs.


Saisei wants to provide a safer space for exchange. Forms of (structural) violence can be addressed, if you want it and it is important to your naming experience.


Mask is obligatory. By mutual agreement, the sessions or part of the sessions can be without mask and with a test.

Mai Ishijima and the participants

Curated via the Open Call.

Coproduced by IMPLANTIEREN 2022/23.