Sound composition, ephemeric listening and emergent writing practices

that there then, not now here past is a bi-weekly joint improvisation
and composition practice. Within the framework of this format, at once sound laboratory and writing workshop, happening and open project, the artists Antonia Alessia Virginia Beeskow, Aran Kleebaur and Chiara Marcassa invite the audience to explore listening within a changing community as an aesthetic experience beyond performative convention.

Collecting, listening to and (mis)using self-made field and voice recordings, found sounds, broken new-media and instruments, bodies, textures, and movements.

With a lo-tolerance for beats and grids, and a hi-tolerance for ambience, noise, rhythm([s]analysis and Other[ly| (sonic) materialities. (Non-)musicianship preferred.

In our sessions we will listen to these sound artefacts, let them affect us, interact transmedially, comment on them, defragment them and combine them into new sound compositions.

Together, from the bottom up, from the bottom down, and for no one but the uncertain us.

Initiated by: Antonia Alessia Virginia Beeskow, Aran Kleebaur, Chiara Marcassa and guests.

All are welcome who feel like experimenting with noises, sound, voice and language.

Registration is not required. Regular attendance is encouraged but not required.



Between 4-12 hours. Stay as long you want, make spontaneous breaks or fall asleep.


Spoken English and German. Italian and slow communication are possible. Language comprehension is not necessary.


No handling of computers or technology is necessary. Participation with so-called learning disabilities is possible. Reliant on auditory perception, the practice is not accessible to Deaf people and not easily accessible to people with Hearing Impairments. Human and animal companions as well as children are welcome.


There is no mask requirement, but a mask and test recommendation. Updates according to the pandemic situation and local guidelines.

Antonia Alessia Virginia Beeskow, Aran Kleebaur, Chiara Marcassa and guests.

Born out of a initiative of the festivalteam and a practice curated via the Open Oall

Supported by Kulturamt der Stadt Frankfurt am Main, Musikfonds e. V. and IMPLANTIEREN 2022/23.