A club for collective imagining and role play games

Enter the fiction, enter the magic circle, enter Club of What If. Play experimental and queer pen-&-paper role plays, live action role plays, and worldbuilding games or test and develop your own.

Club of What If is a society for analog role play games and live action role play, collective imagination and worldbuilding. It seeks narratives beyond existing fantasy stereotypes, related forms of playful imagination in other fields such as choreography, and works to decompose the boundary of play and non-play through the occult and magic.

Initiated by: Sidi Dungeorine, Big Diane Little and others.

For Whom?

Particularly suitable for people who enjoy playing along and fabulating, or who want to develop their own games. No special knowledge is required.

No registration for Club-Meetings

Just drop by.

Registration for individual sessions,

due to space limitations.


The club meets usually every second Sunday. Before the session is a Club Meeting to get to know the Club and to prepare coming sessions


Individual games can last up to 5 hours with breaks. Spontaneous breaks are possible at any time. One can leave at any time.


Spoken German and English.


Typical session takes place in a seated position. Following the conversation is usually necessary to play. Participation with visual impairment is possible. For better preparation, please mention this in the registration. Human and animal companions are welcome, as well as children who do not need too much attention. Information on the accessibility of the festival center can be found HERE.

Content Note:

Role-playing games develope according to interests of the players and can thereby address different forms of (structural) violence. The club works with established safety mechanisms.


For low numbers of cases, masks can be omitted in the case of unanimity, and tests can be assumed instead.

Initiated by Sidi Dungeorine, Big Diane Little and others.

Production: Greta Katharina Klein, Assistance: Lara-Marie Weine

Initiated by the festivalteam.

Produced by ScriptedReality and IMPLANTIEREN 2022/23. Supported by Fonds Darstellende Künste through means of Beauftragte der Bundesregierung für Kultur und Medien within the frame of NEUSTART KULTUR, as well as Kulturamt der Stadt Frankfurt am Main and IMPLANTIEREN 2022/23, supported by StudioNaxos.