Talk about the future of IMPLANTIEREN-Festival
Jan. 27, 2023 • 19:00
Festival center, FFM

The team of IMPLANTIEREN 2022/23 invites you to think about the future of the festival, which is organized by ID_Frankfurt every two years, – and whose next edition would take place in 2024.

What are the content and/or organizational perspectives for the festival? What is the relationship between the festival and the association ID_Frankfurt? What do the artists in the region expect from the festival? What role does it play or should it play? The current festival team will also share their experiences with the organization of the current edition and of organisation of festivals in general.

The meeting is aimed at people who simply want to get information and who care about the festival, and also at people who can potentially imagine getting involved in the organization of the future edition of the festival.

We would be very happy to see you!

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