Come As You Are #1
– Angela Alves (Berlin)

November 2022. During her five-day residency at the festival center, artist Angela Alves works with an old typewriter. The Universal 60 is massive and heavy. The keys must be pressed down firmly, one at a time, to stamp the small letters on the white sheet of paper. Writing is fundamentally an invisible and tedious activity, one that tugs and stretches temporality. In addition, the typewriter, by its very make and material, causes a deceleration and a certain concentration that are required to operate it at all. How are the contents, the texts that are written, shaped by their conditions of production? How does the temporality of this writing practice relate to the stringent production rhythm of a performance-oriented society?

Angela Alves writes about her stay in Frankfurt and questions a socially conformist idea of time and productivity (see Crip Time). The resulting texts and documents are available here with audio description:


lives as a freelance choreographer in Berlin and identifies as Crip Artist. Her artistic practice focuses on political dimensions of the unavailable body and explores its transformative potency.